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Based on GoodWe's firm conviction on the advancement of solar industry is a global matter, we have gone beyond our origins and have patiently built a wonderful international dream team. Great talents from all around the world are gathered and colleagues in our international offices: amazing talents from India, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, Australia and many other countries are contributing their great solar expertise to the GoodWe family. GoodWe has and always will be a melting pot of cultures, expertise and experiences that makes us globally adaptable, resourceful and creative. Our nature also makes us local wherever we are, connecting in multiple languages and understanding what the local markets demands and requires. GoodWe is always open and keen to find talents from around the globe: We offer you the position that you have been dreaming of, to make your professional dreams a reality. Join us on this great solar journey!

GoodWe's Globalization & Localization

Thomas Haering

Managing Director of GoodWe Europe GmbH

Dean Williamson

Country Manager of GoodWe Australia Pty.,Ltd

Larry Kim

Managing Director of GoodWe Korea Co.,Ltd

Engel Tastan

Chief Executive Officer of GoodWe Turkey

Sergio Rodrigues

Country Manager of GoodWe Brazil

Hisato Nakai

Country Manager of GoodWe Japan

Enjoy Working, Enjoy GoodWe, Enjoy Solar!

Kevin S.

Sales Operations Manager of GoodWe Europe GmbH

GoodWe and myself share the same vision, to make the world a better place with contributing to a greener & more sustainable environment for the next generations. Meeting the people at GoodWe made me feel like being part of a family already and joining people with the same mindset and vision.  I am really looking forward to the opportunities & successes GoodWe as a great company will have the next coming years. Happy to be a part of this international journey for GoodWe

Carlos M.

Sales Manager of Iberia and emerging markets

The prospects of the solar energy have never been so positive and GoodWe is an exciting place to work. I particularly admire the orientation of the company towards the future and its tireless search of technological improvement for the design of better products. China is the place of birth of GoodWe but the company has become an international player, with business in several countries. I am very grateful and foresee great opportunities for personal growth.

Valter P.

Sales Manager of Southern Europe

With over 15 years’ experience in solar industry, I’m aware that GoodWe is different. It represents more of reliability, innovation, high morale and employee motivation in the change of market environment. The company is providing not only a platform for us to create value, but also opportunities for self-development, common development of employees and enterprises. I feel good among the team and look forward to a promising future with GoodWe.

Luis F.

Technical Manager Pre-Sales & Services

With an extensive background in electronic engineering, joining GoodWe was the next step big step in my career. Being a part of the solar energy industry has truly been an experience like no other. It is a good feeling to know you come to work with such influential people and are making a change in the world. Seeing is believing and here at GoodWe, we believe in what we do.

Happy Work, Happy Life

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