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GoodWe NS, DNS, SDT, DT Series now come equipped with built-in Ethernet port for monitoring
2018-07-16 15:10:01

All new generation GoodWe NS, DNS, SDT and DT Series inverters come equipped with factory-built Ethernet capability which facilitates integration into a local network. With an optional plug & play module, there will be no additional network setup required for the GoodWe Ethernet-connected inverters.




There are many benefits for connecting the GoodWe inverters to the internet, such as real-time monitoring, remote fault diagnosis, and easy access to GoodWe online platforms among many others. The built-in Ethernet port provides a direct wired connection between the user's network and the GoodWe inverter offering a faster, more secure and stable data transfer compared to Wi-Fi.


The optional plug & play Ethernet module is applicable for both home router and network switch usage.